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Do you have a general question about sports? Henry is the guy to ask! He's our sports expert. Please use Stump Henry it you want to challenge him with a really hard question.

:::::::::::::: faq :::::::::::::: What is the history behind the seventh inning stretch?

A popular legend says President William Howard Taft accidentally launched the practice in 1910 when he stood to stretch his legs at the opening game in Washington and the crowd, thinking he was departing, stood out of respect for the office. But old-time star Harry Wright wrote a friend in 1869 that fans stood in the 7th inning to gain momentary relief from the hard wooden benches of the 19th century ball parks. The custom was practiced as far back as 1869 by the fans of the 1st professional team in baseball, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, and is believed to be related to the age-old superstition about the lucky #7.

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