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Amy has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Maryland. Her interests includes sports, puzzles, and computers. Currently, she runs sport card auctions on the web for a living.

Amy has several web pages she has designed that are sports related. She has her auction page which is totally interactive and can take bids immediately: She also created a sports trivia contest where your questions become the next contest: What Do You Think was created by Amy and completely programmed by her.

Puzzles are Amy's other major interest. She has several web pages devoted to puzzles. Her puzzle contest is a weekly interactive contest where people put in the puzzles for the next contest: Amy's latest project is Puzzle University,, which has expanded the idea of puzzles to a new level.

Amy is 30 years old and never been married. She has been on the world wide web for about 5 years now. Her favorite things are interactive, and that's the way she likes to make her web pages.